Our Team

At Simply Teeth, we are committed to providing an Exceptional Experience and Quality Care for all our patients. Every member of our team is approachable, easygoing and passionate about what we do.

Our Mission

At Simply Teeth, we want everyone to feel right at home. Unwind to relaxing jazz music as soon as you walk in and watch your favourite movie during your appointment. Take as much time as you need for a consult with one of our friendly and approachable dentists as we answer any queries or concerns you may have so that we can provide you with the highest quality dentistry.

We believe every patient deserves the best advice and treatment. Our practice philosophy is to only provide treatment worthy of family. At Simply Teeth, we treat everyone like family. Hence the practice and our team has a vision committed to fulfilling your dental needs with exceptional service, quality and affordability.

Alexandra Taylor –  Front Office Coordinator / Dental Nurse

Alex is currently studying to be an Ambulance Paramedic at Edith Cowan University! She is very motivated to help and impact the lives of others.

Alex has been trained as a Dental Nurse with over 2 years experience before training as an Office Coordinator here at our Practice! In her free time, she enjoys listening to live music and finding different places to explore in WA!

If you’ve travelled anywhere fascinating recently, let her know so she can add this to her bucket list!

Marie Sinclair – Front Office Coordinator / Dental Nurse

Marie completed her dental nursing certificate in 2016 after working in retail for a few years and having worked alongside many dental professionals ever since. She has a keen interest for dentistry and a profound and genuine care for her patients, their comfort is incredibly important to Marie and she will do the best she can to ensure you are at ease.

Marie has a compassionate personality and is understanding the need for patients to feel comfortable, especially when feeling anxious. She always strives to provide the best care and make any dentist visit a fun and relaxing one. She sincerely hope your next appointment will in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

In Marie’s spare time, she likes to play soccer and take her dog to the beach with her fiancé Fraser. Marie also enjoys exploring the beautiful parts of Perth and seeing new places whilst enjoying Perth’s restaurants.

Marie believes working at Simply Teeth is a privilege as our atmosphere is friendly and family orientated. She looks forward to welcoming you to the practice.

Jess Williams – Dental Nurse

Jess is always striving to show patients that the dentist is a fun and friendly environment for everyone. No matter what age, Jess understands that the dentist can be nerve racking due to any bad experiences or anxiety that some people may experience. Jess wants to make you feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible.

Jess started studying dental nursing in 2017, and commenced her position at Simply Teeth at the beginning of 2018. Jess’s main priority in our practice is keeping a happy and healthy environment for everyone to be in.  Jess enjoys going to the beach and swimming, she also enjoys animals and has two dogs of her own. Jess has previously managed retail stores, therefore she has a passion for fashion and working with many individuals.

In her spare time, Jess like’s to make sure she is taking the time to appreciate the beautiful world and city that we live in. She can’t wait to travel the world at see what is has to offer and experience different cultures throughout the globe. Therefore she is always looking for a reason to be bright, happy and bubbly, especially at work.

Clarissa Sutandi – Dental Nurse

Clarissa is currently studying Oral Health Therapy and has deep, profound interest in dentistry as a whole. She is keen in knowing the steps of dental procedures and expanding her knowledge within the dental field through first hand experience. IMG_5808[1]

As a patient at Simply Teeth herself, Clarissa understands the nervousness people feel when coming in for an appointment. But she wholeheartedly believes that Simply Teeth has a welcoming quality which helps most patients to feel more comfortable with every visit. Even before becoming part of the team, Clarissa felt that the dentists and dental nurses alike were very interactive with their patients and had always promoted a positive environment within the clinic.

Outside of the practice, Clarissa enjoys reading and activities within the arts such as drawing. It is by no surprise that her favourite aspect of dentistry lies within its artistic boundaries.

Camilla Griffin-Appadoo- Oral Health Therapist

33178128_1728408350581854_4072160438681337856_o  Camilla looks after all our lovely patients at their 6 monthly active maintenance. Camilla also has a huge passion for working with children and patients with gum disease.

If Camilla isn’t working and mastering her dental jokes, she’s out and about Food Blogging most of Perth. Be sure to tell her your favourite restaurant at your next visit!

Fun fact; Did you know Camilla and Dr Jennifer were on the same French Exchange Programme to Réunion Island when they were 16 and only found out after Camilla joined our practice? If that’s not fate/Perth we don’t know what is!

Dr Jennifer Chan – Dental Surgeon

Jennifer’s philosophy is caring for patients as a whole rather than Dr Jennifer - Dentistjust treating their dental condition. She believes this is the best way to manage and treat patients, as each person is unique in their own way. Her favourite aspect of Dentistry is forming relationships with patients and being able to make a difference in every patient’s life. Whether it be from teaching them proper brushing and flossing techniques, to invisible braces and completely changing a person’s smile – any difference whether it be small or large gives her the greatest satisfaction. The best part is being able to share her passion with patients, their families and our team at Simply Teeth.

She loves Dentistry because it is a perfect combination of art and science. Each individual tooth in every patient is different and to be able to restore one single tooth or multiple teeth such that they appear natural is an art in itself.

Jennifer is a real foodie and enjoys trying different restaurants and food from a wide range of cuisines. So if you ever need a restaurant recommendation, you know who to ask! She also loves travelling around the world meeting new people and immersing herself in different cultures. She has travelled and lived in various countries around the world; so she feels that she has the ability to relate to all members of society regardless of age, gender, culture or race.

Jennifer is regularly involved in volunteer work and giving back to the community. She visits primary schools to teach them oral hygiene techniques as well as provides dental treatment for refugees and homeless people. She is now the President of an organisation called CHAT that travels four times a year to Vietnam to provide dental services to the underprivileged, including orphans, special needs and very poor children.

 Dr Mostafa Hussain – Dental Surgeon

Dr Mostafa - DentistDr Mostafa’s passion is to have a positive influence in his patients’ lives. He believes that everyone can make the best decision for their health and wellbeing, provided they are educated and motivated to do so. Thus his approach to treatment is to place knowledge and choice in the patient’s hands and guide them through the decision making process.

Mostafa aims at forming longstanding relationships with patients by providing exceptional treatment and a unique experience with each dental visit. “I hope my patients look forward to coming to see their dentist, rather than feel like they need to.” Mostafa enjoys all aspects of dentistry and is constantly gaining new skills through attending seminars across the world. His vast range of treatment ability makes for a complete dentist, one that caters to all patient’s dental needs.

Mostafa’s positive outlook to life is reflected through his interaction with his friends and colleagues. He loves to learn new things while at the same time perfecting that which he already knows. Mostafa enjoys playing soccer, going to the movies, and not eating at the same restaurant in the same year twice. His love for food is also apparent in his frequent kitchen experiments which, according to his wife, aren’t always as impressive as he suggests. These however, make for great stories that he often shares with his patients, adding to the enjoyable experience they have when visiting him.

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