HCF Preferred Provider

Simply Teeth West Perth is proud to be an HCF preferred provider Practice and part of HCF’s More for Teeth Program!

As we are an HCF preferred provider, how does this benefit you?

HCF Preferred Provider

As a member of HCF and by visiting an HCF Preferred Provider Practice like Simply Teeth you will receive the most back from us!

Each member is entitled to the following benefits every year:

011 Comprehensive Oral ExaminationUp to 2 per person per year
022 Intra oral Periapical or Bitewing Radiographs    Up to 4 per day
037 Panoramic RadiographUp to 3 in any 5 year period
114 Removal of Calculus (Scale and Clean)Up to 2 per person per year
151 Provision of Mouthguard – indirectUp to 2 per person per year

HCF’s More for Teeth provider network is available to help you maintain great oral health. HCF members are entitled to a range of complimentary diagnostic and preventative services (subject to annual limits). This means you are also covered for x-rays and mouthguards when you visit us at Simply Teeth.

All HCF members visiting us for treatment will be entitled to the maximum rebate of their existing policy on all other dental services.

What types of dental services are covered by my HCF policy?

HCF provides a wide range of dental policies which include general dental treatment (examinations, scale and cleans, preventive dentistry, fillings, extractions, mouthguards). As well as major dental treatment (teeth whitening, invisalign/invisible braces, veneersroot canal treatment, crowns and bridges, dentures, implants).

The level of coverage for the dental service you require will depend on the type of policy you have with HCF. This means some members may not receive the Maximum Rebate Benefit depending on their level of cover and/or their available entitlements.

Don’t wait and contact one of our friendly staff at Simply Teeth to find out more today. Call us today on 0863611565 or request a quote by emailing admin@simply-teeth.com. Make the most out of your HCF insurance!

Click Here for more information about these different polices and find out how you can benefit from them.

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