Dentures are an affordable way to replace missing or lost teeth. They are often referred to as plates, or false teeth. We ensure that you can eat, talk and smile confidently with dentures! Your dentures should have a snug fit, are strong and are customised to how you want them to look and eat.

Types of dentures available

Complete or full denture – a type of denture that replaces all teeth when they are all missing. These can be all upper, all lower teeth or both. As well as this, they can be made to sit directly onto the gums (removable dentures), or made to click into implants that are placed in the jaws (implant supported dentures). Attaching them onto implants will affix them to the jaw, allowing for increased support when eating and speaking, preventing the denture from moving around.


All-plastic partial denture (Acrylic) – this type of denture replaces missing teeth provided there are still teeth on the same arch. It uses a combination of teeth and gums to support itself in the mouth. It is a removable appliance. Metal wires are used to lock the denture in place by holding onto adjacent teeth, which are flexible enough to allow for removal of the denture.

acrylic dentures

Metal/plastic partial denture (Chromium-Cobalt Denture) – this type of denture combines the strength and rigidity of metal with the cosmetic appearance of plastic acrylic, to bring you a stronger version of the removable denture. The metal part is a hidden framework that clips onto adjacent teeth to keep the denture in place. Covering this will be a pink plastic as in the all-plastic denture, with plastic teeth in place of missing teeth. The metal framework is hidden wherever possible, to improve the denture’s cosmetic appearance.

partial denture metal

Fixed partial denture – this type of denture is permanently fixed onto the adjacent teeth and cannot be removed. This type of denture is also known as a Dental Bridge.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are a relatively affordable tooth replacement option for patients wishing to replace lost or missing teeth. They are often chosen as an interim option whilst plans for more long-term treatment can be made, such as Dental Implants to replace missing teeth. This is especially important in cases where front teeth are missing, or where a number of teeth are missing and chewing becomes difficult.

At Simply Teeth, our dentists strive to provide you with the best treatment available, tailored to your cosmetic, functional and financial requirements. A range of treatment options will always be provided, so that you are able to make an informed decision on what best suits your needs. If you are concerned about a missing tooth, or about losing a tooth that needs to be replaced, call or email us and speak to one of our dentists. If you are still unsure, book your smile consult with us, and allow us to provide you with the knowledge to make a well informed decision, in your quest to achieving your dream smile!