CEREC Dental Crowns and Bridges Perth: Affordable, Convenient, Beautiful results in a Single Visit!

At Simply Teeth in West Perth, we provide single visit crowns and bridges to suit your individual needs. A crown, also known as a tooth cap, is a protective sheet of material (usually ceramic) that covers the entire tooth above the gum, to protect it. Imagine the tooth to be a head, and the crown a helmet to protect it from the constant pressure of biting.

CEREC One Visit Dentistry

CEREC Single Visit Dentistry

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Cracks in teeth – Teeth are brittle, and sometimes the strong forces of biting can cause cracks in teeth. These cracks are weak spots that can potentially extend deeper and deeper into a tooth eventually causing nerve pain when biting. By placing a crown on the tooth, biting forces are redirected away from the crack site, which reduces the risk of further cracking.
  • Broken teeth – teeth that have already broken need to be assessed by dentists on whether they can be restored or not. If they can be fixed, a crown is often the best treatment option in the long term, as missing a part of it will likely weaken the tooth.
  • Large holes or fillings – when teeth have holes in them, their structure becomes compromised, or weakened. Depending on the depth and size of the hole, a crown may be an ideal restoration to re-enforce what is left of the tooth. Similarly, a large may not last very long because fillings rely on holding on to the remaining tooth. The larger the filling the less remaining tooth there is. A crown will cover the filling and tooth completely, protecting both in the long term and reducing the chance of the filling or tooth breaking.
  • Missing teeth and dental bridges – Missing teeth can be replaced by a dental bridge, which involves placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the space. These crowns will then hold a tooth that is suspended in the space, creating a dental bridge. This is a common method of replacing missing teeth in the long term, to improve aesthetics, as well as function.
  • Cosmetic correction – Crowns can be placed instead of veneers where there is not enough tooth left. They are the most cosmetic solution available for very broken front teeth. Crowns can be described as double veneers. A veneer covers only the front surface of the tooth, where as a crown (like a helmet) covers the entire tooth, which adds to its strength and retentiveness.

Dental Crowns at Simply Teeth, West Perth:

Crowns are often crucial in increasing the life of a damaged tooth long term. They are often the best treatment option available for badly broken, heavily restored, cracked teeth. In addition to this, they can be used as a dental bridge to close gaps left by lost or missing teeth, improving both cosmetics and function of teeth.

Our team at Simply-Teeth are dedicated to bringing you all treatment options modern dentistry has to offer by:

  • Using the latest Cerec CAD-CAM Technology to bring you strong, beautiful and stable Ceramic crowns, all in a single visit!
  • Providing the convenience of no impressions, no temporary crowns and immediate results whenever possible

Here at Simply-Teeth we adopt the latest CEREC CAD-CAM technology to provide you with strong, reliable and high quality ceramic crowns and bridges in a single appointment! What’s more, there are no impressions, no temporary crowns and immediate final results can be achieved whenever possible. Despite using the latest CEREC CAD-CAM technology to bring you high quality ceramic crowns, there is no additional cost in comparison to conventional crowns. Comparatively affordable crowns, and all in a single visit!


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If you have any further questions regarding crowns or dental bridges, the different types that exist or need help deciding which to choose, call or email us and speak to one of our dentists, who will be happy to provide you with all the information and guidance necessary to make in informed decision. Still not sure? Visit us for a smile consult and meet our professional team dedicated to meeting your smile needs!